Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Friday

"Doing it all for the wonderful Clare White, every Friday."
- The Friday Thing

Of course, other Clare Whites are available, so I don't *know* that this is for me, but it's cheered me up no end anyway.

I've been meaning to give The Friday Thing a plug for a while, it pops into the inbox each Friday and is brilliant. I have to do something complicated to the formatting now to print it out since saying (sigh) farewell to Treo, otherwise it comes to 36 printed pages. It provides constant entertainment well beyond Rugby (one for their quotes column there). It also tells you a lot you no longer get round to reading in the newspapers because they're such nonsense. I have in common with them the preference for emphatic stars and wonder if they too have the irritation of having to say no, I *really* mean stars, when clever email programmes do their own formatting. I have generally been inspired by them every week in various ways, many plagiarous (sp? real word?).

It is one of the very few things I subscribed to, paying some forgotten amount of money ages ago for some magazine. I had concluded that I would pay for it again if their subscription system was up to asking me but this week they announced that I don't have to. TFT is going free. As some readers know, I have a bit of a belief in subscription-based fine writing, so I'm hoping they have an alternative model that is based on them selling enugh words to pay their writers. They probably do, the lovely chaps.

Anyway, enough gushing or I'll become a target for mockery. Fickle, fickle TFT.


Harry said...

There may be other Clare Whites but wonderful definitely describes you!

Claire said...

Have you any particular reason to think it is you? Beyond the fact that you are great?

Clare White said...

It was a technical trick! How clever! And a bit creepy. Well, I'll hold onto the glow anyway :)