Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cold Turkey

So, some of you know that my lova affair with the Treo 600 turned a bit sour, due to a combination of lost cables, stints in snow (my fault) and crashes, mangled emails and a huge bill ('their' fault). I was finally seduced by a good offer and a 100 song MP3 player to switch across.

On Monday, the Treo was Switched Off.

Suddenly I realised what a life without Treo meant. From frustrating emails to no emails, limited notepad space to *no* notepad space. And predictive bloody texting, didn't it all seem so clever once, before they actually managed to fit a keyboard onto a mobile phone. Oh, what a drag.

In theory, I can access the internet with my Motorola ROKR and BBC news works quite well on it, but I've yet to crack Gmail and am only even trying during the free offer period, after which data downloads become stupidly expensive. There are no downloadable applications, according to the official website, unless they involve pictures or ringtones. So no decent memo pad. The buttons are in really silly places.

Most of all, my email link on the train is Gone. I try to accept that email is an addiction. That, just like all the people who have their Blackberry by their right hand all the time, I want to feel that somebody has emailed me, that I am important enough to *need* to check my emails every hour, if not every five minutes, just to on the safe side. That email is a delightful distraction which can be dealt with just as adequately, if not more efficiently, in alotted periods of time, rather than every time my mind wanders and I want the buzz of the new message, even if it is only a notification that Blockbuster have received my DVD safely.

I can break the cycle, I can fill my ears with educational and entertaining podcasts while another part of my brain scribbles inspired ideas into a notebook. I can live without it. Money saved, addiction challenged, all for the good.

Today I missed my Treo.


Mustafa Arif said...

My PDA (a SonyEricsson P800) was actually my first phone. So I've never had to endure the horrors you talk about - especially predictive text, which I find unusable.

I don't think I could contemplate ever using a non-smart phone.

Harry said...

Where would I be without my XDA?? Well, you know me! In fact when I was in Canada recently, both my XDA and iBook went south! I was completely lost!

The new XDA Exec which Beth has and to which I am upgrading is brilliant. Basically a PC in your palm. And plenty of download time is included in the monthly plan.

Just to makee you jealous...

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