Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thoughts from the train

What's worse, no reading or Media Guardian, I ask myself as I plough
through it out of some long-ingrained sense of duty, sickened by the tired
tiny circle of Hammersmith blondes puffing up each others egos, uplifted
for a moment by the newspaper sales falls, enjoying at least Office Hours
which always makes secretarial careers very tempting. Is there anything more
horrific, for this ex-wannabe hack*, than seeing a once-honourable industry
in its death throes, comment writers clutching desperately at blog-sticks as
they are engulfed in the waves of voices of people for whom opinions are not
hawked on the streets with glossy headers but simply shared and genuinely
felt. Enough of this reading that makes me irritated, there's enough to
plough through in this short life.

* Note: During these rants, do keep at the back of your mind that the mainstream media never did give me a job


Harry said...

Nah, someone would have to be bonkers to employ you!!!

Friendlycoder said...

I alway think the same thing; I never read the free papers. Imagine how they poision your mind before you even get to work. Nope, either a book or my MP3 Nano please.