Monday, February 27, 2006

Small, but significant, question

I listen to a lot of pop now, but rarely see the videos. Does Pink's video for Stupid Girl do what I expect and feature lots of sexy girls wiggling and thrusting? Thereby allowing her to have a video that appeals visually to the audience and yet still making her point. I would expect that from the funkiness of her track and the prompts it has for Beyonce-like shimmying.

The more subtle alternative would be to have Pink in a black coat, no make-up and merely fill the video with funky dancing plantpots and perhaps some tiny dogs, if you must.

Please can someone tell me which she chose?

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Jess said...

I suspect you know which she chose. Anyway, here's an extract from an article from MTVAsia (I saw it posted on a message board) that tells you:

In the Dave Meyers-directed clip for "Stupid Girls," then, Pink's surrounded by superficiality, and includes references to Paris Hilton's sex tape, Jessica Simpson's music videos, Mary-Kate Olsen's boho shopping sprees and Lindsay Lohan's car crashes. Pink reenacts them all as parody, falling off the hood of a soaped-up car and later crashing into pedestrians while on her cell phone, bothered only by the fact that it distracts her from applying more lip gloss. She shops at Fred Segal, buys a little accessory dog (touted to "stay younger longer") and tries to throw up in the restroom after boasting how few calories she can subsist on.

When Pink's not pretending to be these and other starlets, she plays herself, as she wonders if she should try to fit in -- starting with her breast size. A special tab on her shirt, labeled "Pull in case of emergency," inflates her breasts while out on a date. She lies on a plastic surgeon's table with dotted lines marking other areas that could be modified. She runs on a treadmill at the gym as she tears off her clothes in an effort to keep up with the exercise-aholics next to her (with her "Die Hipster Scum" T-shirt giving away how she really feels).

Plus, aren't the lyrics all about calling women 'stupid' for falling prey to this crap? Which, to me, is rather missing the point, and the real culprits get to sit back and laugh at women policing each other once more.