Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Thank you, but we¹re full

(this honestly isn’t an ungrateful post, just an observation, for anyone who might be reading that it might relate to)

Moving into our first house, we have been completely deluged by Stuff.
I was using my parent’s house as a store, but having been gently
reminded that they want their house back (and after nearly 25 years, who can
blame them?), we've really started taking the hit.
I in no way want to sound ungrateful for any of it because I really do appreciate it. That’s  the problem: it’s not in my nature to say no to free Stuff. I share the collective memory of first house-buying meaning no money and no possessions, of building large storage structures from teacrates and making do with a couple of battered cups.
It now seems that this memory is packed away and passed onto the next first-homers. Modern kids, however, are never short of possessions and now we have a house full of boxes with few places to put the contents and therefore no real way of using them. It is very kind, but the time will soon come when I will need to talk about the wonders of Ebay in a more pointed way. Don’t pass on, profit!
The only solution I can see is to wrap everything up and send it all on to the next needy person. I wonder if Jess needs any teacups for her new condo?


chloe said...

I'm a bit short on cutlery!

Clare White said...

Great! I'll have a root through! (actually, i don't think cutlery is one of the thngs we've been given, typical). Teacups?

Jess said...

Heh. Actually, I wouldn't mind teacups, but it hardly seems worth the postage ;). Currently, we too are full up, but when we move to the condo we're going to need more stuff. The problem is that what we really need is furniture, not more junk to put in it!