Thursday, September 29, 2005

Seditious libel: it's time for the swine to hit back

It's becoming clear that the government are becoming a bit sensitive these days. On Martin's blog he says it will soon be an offense to 'be offensive', while 82 year old Walter Wolfgang (a Quaker, hooray!) went one step too far by shouting Nonsense at Jack Straw yesterday.
It's all getting a bit like the 1790s and, as then, the only useful response is to be as offensive as possible and, preferably, to ridicule those in power. This is vital if we are to hold onto our freedoms. Here are some things you could usefully do:
- shout Nonsense! every time you see an MP
- write to your MP, dropping in offensive remarks about their parentage
- create large posters, in the old style, with your favourite politicians photoshopped into pigs and anti-semitic characatures (oh, Labour already did that)
- write offensive letters to right-wing newspapers, subtly worded as Outraged Reader Engulfed and report the editors to the police if they print them
- Mutter offensive words under your breath and then look innocent when people look at you
- Put up posters saying Bullets Not Ballots on Polling Day (but don't let anyone see you, policeman cary guns these days, you know)
- If you have a bit of holiday time you can take, try any of the following to see if you get locked up: say some really offensive things about the poor, justify terrorism for all sorts of trivial reasons, insult kittens, smell very bad, write rude words on political documents
- make a mockery of the entire political system however you can, accepting that whatever you do will have little real impact on the governance of this country for at least the next thirty years or until we all drown.

More suggestions welcome and there's at least one reader of this blog who can really make a mark with some of this, but I wouldn't want her to lose her parliamentary pass...

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Harry said...

There's nothing new here. The Romans were very good at dealing with Christians who drew attention to their nonsense. Loads of fat lions. And so for 2,000 millenia, as difficult people challenged those in power. Tony Caesar has a nice ring to it though! Ave