Wednesday, May 18, 2005

One of those 'I'm too busy to blog' posts

I've been told to blog more. I thought you were dead, said the friend - who had just installed his first RSS feeder and so was naturally more impatient for new posts into his blogosphere than normal.

It isn't that I haven't tried: several draft posts wait in the ether. But I've been busy, as you may be able to judge if you have received one of my stream of consciousness emails recently (or, more likely, have not, since I usually judge them unreadable and add them to the drafts folder to finish 'later').

My busyness neatly breaks down into three categories. Though perhaps the garden deserves a fourth category, since it becomes wilder by the day. The sparrows, the bees and the grass are taking over and it seems there's nothing I can do about it except feed the sparrows more, which at least stops them tapping incessantly at the bedroom window. A fine raised rocket patch has been my greatest achievement thus far, an achievement which may pale when the slugs discover where it is.

Then there is the countdown to Rwanda. Immunised against yellow fever I am, booked or organised I am not. Not at all. Three weeks, I am told, with an urgency that concerns me.

Some readers, until recently colleagues of mine, may also like to know that work is wildly busy still, but fun. The inexorable campaign to please each Quaker individually with charming cover photos continues: how many magazines can include, along with a pretty girl cover star, a selection of fish that You Can Eat, a Trident trigger, a child labourer with an oversized hammer, Jesus Christ himself and two chess pieces giving birth to a pawn? Not The Economist, I can tell you.

And the third? The House of course! The giant project continues, there is still sadly not enough floor space for the housewarming party to take place in the very near future (though daytrippers are always welcome: we're just off the M6 - that's not an open invitation, no) but there is a little more furniture and slow progress happens.

The 320 mile a day (by my bad addition) commute is on the whole very pleasant, nothing strange has happened to my molecules yet as I am aware. I can report I am not missing the tube a bit. Having a very pleasant housemate helps, of course.


Martin Donkin said...

320 miles! Makes my 18 mile a day commute look like a walk in the park.

Mustafa Arif said...

320 miles??? sheesh! WHy do you bother?

Chloe said...

so she can live near me of course!