Friday, March 11, 2005

Trust Tony

Let him have his way on the terror bill. The security services have told him we are Under Threat From Terrorists. Their advice is to be firm and be tough.

But hang on, didn't he say that about Iraq?

That's all I can be bothered to say.


Chloe said...


Alex said...

But hang on, didn't he say that about Iraq?

Yes, and it appears that he misled parliament over the advice he had received over this bill as well, which should come as a surprise to no one.

The civil rights of all us have come under threat and it is the House of Lords and the Conservative Party - some of the most reactionary sections of the British political class - that helped put a brake on it.


Don't be fooled though - if the positions were reversed, with Howard PM and Blair in Opposition, pretty much the same bill would be before the House, possibly worse.

Clare White said...

I was deeply confused by the way, on Saturday, the whole thing had been turned into 'It was the Conservatives wot made it so difficult'. No, it was the Lords subjecting them all to sleep deprivation and defending our rights (which suits me in the context of our basic liberties, not our right to kill orange creatures).
You can bet that if the decent Labour sorts had not been under some threat of diabolical punishment [Note to my MP: I'm still waiting for an explanation for your voting behaviour] and had turned out against the bill, the tories would have united with the government to 'protect' us.
I lost the plot a bit - does it mean that habeus corpus whatsit is now suspended for a year then?