Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The return of I

As periodically happens with me and my blog, it's time for a change in direction. I'm going back to diary style for the time being, which might be a relief for some of you who politely read the serious posts but, let's face it, didn't find them as exciting as the posts about tube strikes. The switch to mememe llama was inspired mostly by Jess. I never was sure if diary blogging wasn't a bit selfindulgent and/or dull, but having read about her adventures in Texas, as well as other friends' blogs [see right] and enjoyed them, I have been reconciled to the idea.

There are a few other reasons for the change too. I find myself engaged in a form of social experiment. Having read one too many sets of statistics showing that the average house in London costs roughly ten times the average salary, I headed North of London. To a place called Stoke-on-Trent-home-of-pottery, to be precise, from where I am now commuting a few hundred miles a day. So here will doubtless be more on the success or otherwise of this experiment. Having moved North of London, I am aware that many of my London friends think I'm dead. In the modern age, what better way than the blog is there to show anyone that you are, in fact, alive? In other news, the first of March is seeing me start a new job, the consequence of which is that I need no longer produce a worthy blog in the hope that I will one day be 'discovered' and paid for my words. Thanks to the kind Quakers, who are now employing me full time, my words can become freely available (unless they are Quaker related, in which case they are available for the very reasonable sum of £60 a year, see http://www.thefriend.org. Its my job to say that now).

So meet White Llama, the long distance commuter, in which you will find the firstperson, news on my adventures, possible OC comment and almost certainly still the odd rant on the appalling state of politics, the media.

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Clare White said...

(copied from old comments regime - I should have switched systems before 'relaunching', I know)

Glad you are back!

Have you finished the chocs yet??

Harry x
Harry | Homepage | 03.01.05 - 8:58 am |

I'm very excited about this new development! And to hear that I helped inspire it - well, that's heartwarming! I've found that far-away friends do indeed appreciate knowing that you're not dead.

That house price thing is outrageous - and I thought it was bad here!
Jess | Homepage | 03.01.05 - 10:45 am |

"I am aware that many of my London friends think I'm dead. In the modern age, what better way than the blog is there to show anyone that you are, in fact, alive?"

Well, this blog entry counts as circumstantial evidence of Clare's continued existence, which is a step up from hearsay.

But it doesn't really count as proof, does it?
Alex Higgins | Homepage | 03.01.05 - 12:06 pm |

agree with house prices, why a studio flat cost £88000 in Chatham compare to 140000 in Greenwich? except I probably become very travel sick on the train....
Eve | 03.01.05 - 3:42 pm |

Woo! Comments again! *waves to everyone* welcome back
No Alex, there's no proof, only my Word. And I know that's not as good as a threat in your parts (first post and I'm insulting Tottenham again, it's so unfair..!)
Clare | 03.02.05 - 4:13 am |