Saturday, September 28, 2013

Conference day 4

**These are very rough notes shared for the benefit of my Constituency Labour Party and anyone else interested. If anything is wrong or information is missing, please leave a comment. Links to videos of speeches also welcome**

Agenda not accepted by floor because of motions and rule changes not included. Later CAC proposed that the TSSA motion should be included, but the amendments were not. Agenda accepted.

Ballot results:
Union NEC representatives
CAC Heidi Alexander and Tom Blenkinsop
NEC: Maggie Cosin

Treasurer's report
Very proud of the TU link and the contributions from the unions. Over £8 million brought in from small donations as well.

Six by-elections fought on tight budgets, all won

Reduction in the party's net liabilities. Full repayment strategy agreed, the party will be debt-free in June 2016. This removes an £2 million repayment bill each year.

Thanks every individual and affiliated organisation who has made this possible.

We have made our greatest achievements when we stand strong, all the movement together.

Audited accounts moved and agreed.

Proposed changes to rules - card votes:
- amendment to membership subscription to CLPs in line with inflation - carried
- statement on electoral fraud - carried
- branch annual accounts are sent to CLPs by February - carried
- annual levy - carried

- Labour group leaders: option for CLPs/councillors to consult and have local electoral colleges if there was support. NEC did not support this motion so there was a debate:
Arguments against:
- would create a vacuum of power after elections; CLPs and council groups need to be separate, the whole point of council groups is that they should be able to meet separately
Rule change arguments in support
- this isn't an attack on any leader or group; local party leaders are seen as leaders of the whole party, this would be an equivalent; process would connect CLPs with local council leaders
- not carried

TUC greetings
It's up to us to challenge the view that austerity is inevitable and cannot be changed. I fear for the future of the NHS, but I think any party that is seen to support the NHS will be in tune with the public.

Any party that can bring together health and social care, free of the point of need, funded by the taxpayer, will have made a huge achievement.

Invitation to join the march for the NHS on Sunday.

Speeches from Hilary Benn and Maria Eagles

Living standards debate

Call for statuary youth service and same wage for youth

Ex-homeless man in insecure accomodation. Very good speech.

Caroline Flint
Measures on simpler pricing, investment on green technology. Clean up power system.

Leader's speech: Full video

Quick impressions: Really impressive, warm, relaxed speech with a number of standing ovations. Exciting atmosphere, stage-managed to transform the hall into a stadium feel. Big headline policies reiterated but much more emphasis on media messages to reach middle ground. Some of the more radical policy announcements and pro-Europe focus in much else of conference less emphasised. Some of these like suppport for blacklisting victims and trade union-friendly policies will be of interest to CLP members. Very hopeful and bold speech with strong positive messages about women and youth and promoting equality rather than division.

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