Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Powerpoint presentations

Rather like forms, I have developed quite a deep hatred for Powerpoint presentations. I didn't quite understand why I could find some talks incredibly inspiring and useful, while others make me really twitchy and irritable.

After spending as much time today ranting about them as I did watching them, I stumbled upon this article which might explain - scientifically like - why it is so very, very frustrating to watch people circling around bulletpoints with their voices like aimless sharks, just failing to catch my attention. It's not just me being a negative grumbler, you might actually be frying my brain.

Ur doing it rong. So stop it. Pls.

A site I shall explore further.


agl said...

Thanks for the link, I know just how you feel.

A few years back I thought I was being helpful in distributing one of Edward Tufte's Wired articles to our teaching staff:
PowerPoint Is Evil

Four years later they're still insulting students with the same old presentations masquerading as "visual aids". There's no hope!!

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Meanwhile... said...

And the dim lights. And the comfy back-row seat. And the unending hummmmm of the projector fan. Something about mission statements. Counting sheep, err... visitors. Visitors! Pay attention! Or, then - no... sleepy time.