Saturday, October 28, 2006


Last weekend we bought a deluxe three-in-one-massive-machine juicer/smoothie maker/er, juicer and can now enjoy the benefits of eating far more fruit and vegetables through the much more tolerable medium of juice.

So far it's all very enjoyable with several frenzied evenings running around the kitchen looking for more things to juice to make the four hour washing up session worth it. I'm a girl of simple tastes, so here are my recommendations for the best juice combinations so far:

Apple - home grown
Apple - green
Green apple, celery and grape
Grape - just whack 'em all in before they go off!
Carrot, yum
Tomato & chilli

Yum, yum. Later on I intend to try some more adventurous combination, coming back from the market with such exotic fare as beetroot, pineapple and peppers - woo!

Does anybody have any suggestions for juices? Ideally no more than 3 ingredients, please...


Kitty Eve said...

try orange with lychee, or peaches with lychee. can get lychee in syrup (canned) and it is the same

Heddy said...

just read a few of your blogposts (i usually don't have time as you well know haha). you're hilarious, thoughtful and sweet- three great qualities and and a treasure to find in one individual! x