Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A sad state of affairs

As we approach local elections, there is a lot of talk about how the BNP are going to do ever so well and we'd better make sure we all turn out and vote for a safer pair of hands. Although one of the scare-surveys comes from a respoctable source (JRCT), I can't help feeling its being used as the latest distraction from Westminster. The one about how I didn't support the war so vote for me, not the party, was failing to fool the punters yet again, so they're trying Vote for me or the fascists will come for you and your kids. Even the Tories are getting in on the line, but then they seem to be sharing them these days - there must be a shortage.

How likely is it that either of these parties are actually listening to the concerns on the doorstep? The failure of the mainstream parties to listen - ever - has disenfranchised people so much that they're reverting to their own shock tactics in the hope of penetrating the brick wall of spin and nonsense.

I hate the BNP as much as the next 76 per cent, but if we wake up on May 5 with our councils run by a bunch of racists whose idea of good society involves having us all goose-stepping round our local squares every Sunday, I don't think we'll see much difference. It'll still be the inmates of Westminster with all the power and today's Baghdad-bombing-jail-without-jury-Charles-Clarke-the-lunatic reality will remain as scary as it is today.

As strong messages to the government go, I'm sure we can do better than voting for the BNP. In his references to cockroaches that haven't quite got him locked up as yet, Nick Griffin was using the same ideology that helped prompt nearly a million Rwandan deaths 12 years ago. I still don't believe the majority of the British people would have anything to do with him.

But if voters are using the same scare tactics as the government to try and get noticed, then it's pretty clever. I would join the 90 per cent of voters who told Margaret Hodge they'd be voting BNP. Like a shot. I'd tell her anything if it would wipe the smug expression from her face for just a moment (ah, the old hatred still runs deep!). But what does it say about the state of our politics?

Has anybody organised the revolution yet?


Anonymous said...

The BNP in the revolution.

Clare White said...

I still don't know what that comment means.

Tom said...

Perhaps someone "accidentally" inserted Nick Griffin into a conveniently-placed toploader?

Here's hoping, anyway.

By the way, I joined the blogosphere, and promptly ran out of anything much to say. So it's pretty inane stuff!

I think that Chavez fellow may provide a gem or two.