Monday, January 09, 2006

New hair!

(note to anyone coming because they've read a certain review that has this categorised as News and Current Affairs, sorry, it's probably not what you're looking for. Note to self: recategorise White Llama on blogger site as Messages to Friends)

So I had a haircut last week! And it is shorter than it has been since I was about seven. I may take a picture on my iFriend.

Most responses so far have been kind, but notable ones (all from men, which may be significant) have included:
"So why did you decide to cut your hair?"
"Aegh! You look different!"
"Grow some hair!"

After a few days of deep concern after the hairdresser made me look a bit like a Blair-babe ("You look very, I don't know, managerial") it has settled back into its impish wavy sort of look ("That reminds me, I was going to lend you some straighteners") in which I try hard not to look like Wednesday Addams.

It must have done some good as I got ID'd again on Saturday. Hehe.


Potteries Quaker said...

Truly, this blog has opened my eyes. Not current affairs, no, but the Mother Town rides again ... prettily, even!?

Kitty Eve said...

and yes, that reminds me to bring you a hair straigtener....

megansmith5821 said...

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John F said...

Let's see the picture...It's much better than your Abe Lincoln look!

Clare White said...

this has got to be the strangest set of comments on my blog so far...!

Clare White said...

Oh yeh, and if anyone does follow the link to Megan Smith's blog (inquisitive?) and it really *is* a day in the life of a park ranger (juicyfruit?), let me know. I'm cautious about what I click in, don't want to defile Quaker servers :)

Anonymous said...

It does, indeed, appear to be merely about being a park ranger.

(Mind on the Run)

chloe said...

I think your hair looks very 20s/40s, as I said the other day. One day we shall be Flappers!

Well, you might.

How much Lost have you watched since tuesday?!

shawnfrie65948768 said...

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