Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wasting my life away with Apple-V

I promised 'many' people that I would update by blog on my lovely new iMac and so I will. Sadly on day 2 of the holidays, most of which I fully intended to waste on my new iFriend, the spacebar has broken. Having accepted that there are no free speech-to-text programmes (unless anyone can enlighten me?), typing has taken on a new zen-like quality as I am forced to copy-paste all my spaces. Yes, it is very tedious, but you get used to it.

Otherwise, iFriend and I are getting on famously. Trust nobody who says they wouldn't touch one (Riaz) for they are living their lives in a dark tunnel of PC madness. Tiger gives you Dashboard! Widgets! RSS feed screensavers! A squeezable mouse! Movies and tunes played from the other side of the room with a cool swoosh!!

That's just all I can be bothered to write.Pleasecananyonerecommendawayroundthebloodyspacebar?


Mustafa Arif said...

There is no sane way around the space bar. Just go into a shop and get a cheap pee cee USB keyboard. It will work.

Alternatively, can't you get your keyboard fixed under warranty? It's amongst the more expensive keyboards on the market and it's not supposed to break!

And yes, Tiger is *very* cool.

razorshine said...

hehe - riaz here.. i have to say i am surprised that your space bar is broken - most unusual!

on a pc you can try alt-0160 to enter a space - probably no easier than typing ctrl-v (ie paste on the pc) when the space is in memory though - i presume there is an equivalent for the mac..

you should definitely be covered by apple for the keyboard..

Jess said...



Clare White said...

Phew... Chloe has lent me an old one and all is back again. keyboard heaven!
I will try the warranty but according to Chloe this is what Mac keyboards do. Not a drop can go near them, notadroporDISASTER!. I think this is to do with them being built for clean-freak design people rather than families but, like the situation with games, that will hopefully change as they move further into the mainstream and pushoutPCsforever, nyahah! SeeI'm quite enjoying the spaceless poetry now, might be a whole new movement in it :)

Martin Donkin said...

Just take it to the apple store with your proof of purchase (best to book an appointment 1st thing in the morning) and they'll probably just swap it for a new one.

Jess said...

Hee! Design people are the ones MOST likely to be sitting up all night spilling coffee in their keyboards.

P.S. I hope you had a great Christmas!

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